Santa Maria


ARIS Ribeirão is located 26km northeast of downtown Brasilia, in the Santa Maria Administrative Region RA XIII. The 704 hectares of the region consist of 348 hectares of new areas and 356 hectares of illegal settlements. Among the irregular lots, some were created as a result of expropriation decrees, and others – such as the Porto Rico Condominium – arose as a result of private land-grabbing.


The expropriation decree, carried out by Terracap, allowed for the legalization of urban and environmental plans covering a large part of the consolidated area – close to 8,000 lots reserved for single-family residential use, as well as mixed-use, commercial, and services were authorized, with a population of close to 32,000 residents.
At the Porto Rico Condominium, as well as in new residential areas being offered, the forecast is for the creation of approximately 20,000 mixed-use lots, divided among housing, commerce, and services.


A new era has arrived.
In December 2010, construction of a new Santa Maria began. With the aim of promoting the urban regularization of this large area through the transfer – which involve mutual obligations – the Federal District’s Landholding and Environmental Branch published a Conduct Adjustment Contract. As a result, control over the full 348 hectares of the new area was split up among government enterprises Terracap and Codhab, as well as the Federal District. The decree also allows, in addition to the urban plan, the granting of land titles to all occupants.


More order, more progress.
To organize the entire area, legalize existing housing, and offer new residential lots, Número 1 pulled out all the stops and worked hard. In addition to a topographical survey of the land, we carried out a georeferencing of the entire registration process for property 27,848 at the 5th Property Registry of Brasilia.
Hired by the owners, we also provided technical assistance to the Federal District Housing Authority and the Environmental Institute, seeking to expedite the Urbanism Directive for the entire area in order to create the basic study for the Urbanism Plan and Environmental Study.