Vicente Pires


The Vicente Pires Habitational Sector is divided into 4 tracts: Tract 1 – Samambaia Agricultural Colony; Tract 2 – Vicente Pires Agricultural Colony; Tract 3; and Tract 4 – Vila São José. The Vicente Pires Administrative Region RA XXX is located between Guará, Águas Claras and Taguatinga, and was separated from the Taguatinga Administrative Region in 2009.


In 1989, the process of expanding the Águas Claras Agricultural Colony’s rural production area was transferred to the Vicente Pires, Samambaia and São Jose Agricultural Colonies. Following an agreement with GDF that was executed through the Fundação Zoobotânica, a land use contract was signed with about 360 farmers to carry out agricultural production over a contractual period of 30 years. These families moved to this region, providing for the development and growth of the newly created areas. They produce everything there: vegetables, goat and cow’s milk, flowers, and various types of fruit, such as mangoes, bananas, oranges, tangerines, limes, and grapes, as well as corn and beans. The richness of this area was due not only to the soil’s fertility, but also because of the abundant water that runs through the Vicente Pires creeks.

Now, almost 30 years later, there are close to 20,000 households and more than 75,000 residents occupying 2,196 hectares. However, the existing homesteads were never legalized.


In 2012, the company Número 1 Projetos e Resultados took up the difficult task of legalizing all of Vicente Pires. And as a result, on Sept. 24, 2014, the development plan for Tract 3 was approved by the government of the Federal District through Decree no. 35,841. The plans for tracts 1, 2, and 4 have already been completed and now are merely awaiting approval by the Federal District government.


When we don’t lose time, everyone wins.
The objective of this project is to improve the lives of everyone living there, legalizing and organization existing housing, which was built in a disorganized fashion, as well as mitigating the environmental damage caused in order to protect the area’s natural resources. The local population will also benefit as a result of the proposal for an efficient road system, green areas, and public community and city services duly distributed across all of Vicente Pires, providing the population with better access to public services. Finally, new occupation rules will be established to improve the quality of life of residents.